Welcome to my blog! My name is Kristyn and I am a personal trainer with 5 years of experience working in Boulder, CO.  I attended James Madison University where I studied kinesiology with a concentration in exercise science and pre-physical therapy.  I became an ACSM certified Exercise Physiologist in May of 2013.

I originally aspired to be a physical therapist and worked in that field, but realized most patients’ chronic could have been prevented via regular exercise.  Everything is focused on reactive care rather than preventive care and my goal is to change this way of thinking.  I aim to inspire others to live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle through my posts on nutrition and exercise; I do not promote quick fixes or extreme diets.  My posts will also cover my favorite interests, such as photography and travel, and will feature my frenchie, Louie.  I hope you enjoy Food Fitness Frenchies!